Here on the Ranch

We believe in Meat. Milk. Money. the animals have to provide at least one of the three to be with us. 


Chickens, Pigs, Cows, 

we will gladly teach you how to clean any animal for a small fee with the purchase of one of our animals. butchering killing or disposing of the extra waste or meat depends on what you would like to have


Goats, Cows

getting daily milk from these girls provides plenty of raw milk to use as you desire. if you would like to come to a class that teaches you how we would be glad to have you join us for an early morning or evening milk


Dogs, Chickens, Horses, Sheep

trail rides, lessons, and barn knowledge is what you will learn in one of our many classes with horses. at the moment we have pomeranian  puppies available. sheep wool is so fluffy and soft. chickens provide eggs and meat.